Our varied lending opportunities are made possible by individual investors.

BLUE SPEAR, LLC was built on the ideals of Integrity and Trustworthiness. We stand on that institution today as we foster and value business and personal relationships with our clients. Our Transparency helps to grow and enrich a bond with our clients that continues to strengthen over time. We like the opportunities that Single Family Homes and Commercial Real Estate has to offer our Partner Investors and Private Lenders. Our varied lending opportunities are made possible by individual investors. We team with professionals with an array of responsibilities who help make us the ethical and fair-minded company that we are known to be. It takes a village of contractors, developers, and investors to assist clients with their investment goals.


BLUE SPEAR, LLC calls Mountain View, CA our home, however, lends hard money in the states of: California, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, and nationally when appropriate variables dictate.



As a trusted private lender, we source the funds needed for our investors, traditionally, Real Estate investors, to purchase and regenerate properties, usually as rentals or flips. Both require funding to enhance properties nationwide and prepare it/them to generate a profit. Our services also touch borrowers who desire our help with the purchase of REOs, and short-sales.

We at BLUE SPEAR, LLC, have solutions for your funding needs. We will work with clients who: need hard money funding, desire to purchase rentals or flips, apartment or other investing options, and home builders who also need funding solutions for properties in development.

We Acquire Investments

Turnkey Investments

BLUE SPEAR, LLC is a real estate company that purchases single-family homes, multiplex properties, and commercial real estate. We partner with professionals within your community to find the right cash flowing properties and financial solutions to acquire those same properties.

Make A Difference

Making A Difference

We continuously strive to provide and maintain the ultimate in respect and dignity. Our belief is to treat others as we, in turn, would like to be treated. In doing so, we reach out to our community in parallel regard and appreciation. We give back to Second Harvest and local churches to maintain our stance: No one should go hungry.

As a trusted neighbor, it is our wish to help in the rebuilding of, and the rejuvenation of communities nationwide, giving them a dignified “shot-in-the-arm,” if you will. We take great pride in contributing to, or doing our part in the community.


Contact Us

We invite you to contact us at 650-394-5381. We can find a way in which we can create a win-win situation for all.